Is IAMS a Good Dog Food? Detailed Review

IAMS, one of the oldest and most well-known manufacturers of dog and cat food, strives to give your pets healthy food by making sure that every batch is of the highest quality and nutrition. Paul IAMS established this company in 1946, and since then, it has grown. Paul IAMS was an expert in animal nutrition, and his company was among the first to develop a canine carnivorous diet by developing pellet-based dog food with animal-based protein. In 1969, IAMS introduced a new line of goods under the brand Eukanuba, and the company was eventually sold to Mars Inc. in 2014.

IAMS Dog Food is one of the most sought-after brands for premium dog food and supplies dog food across 70 different countries. IAMS offers a wide range of dog foods, including dry kibble, wet canned food, and treats and snacks.

 Let’s look a little deeper into this IAMS Dog Food review to help you decide if this dog food is right for your pets with 100% certainty.

Where is IAMS Dog Food Made?

IAMS Dog Food is manufactured entirely in the United States, with one international division based in the Netherlands. Their US plants are located in Lewisburg, Ohio, Aurora, Nebraska, and Henderson, North Carolina. Their headquarters are located at 8700 South Mason Montgomery Road, Mason, OH 45040, USA.

How is IAMS Dog Food Made?

IAMS Dog Food is renowned for producing high-protein dog food formulas using premium quality ingredients. Their formulas are gluten-free.

IAMS Dog Food focuses on producing formulas that are adapted to the dietary requirements of various dog breeds at various life stages.

All of their recipes, nevertheless, contain fresh, whole foods that are crucial to any dog’s vitamin profile, such as beet pulp, chicken, corn, fruits, salmon, and ocean fish. They don’t use any GMO ingredients and only use locally obtained ingredients. Even if the majority of their ingredients originate in the US, you should be aware that some of the vitamins and minerals they add to their formulas originate in China and other countries.

IAMS Dog Food Formulas Reviewed

1. IAMS Adult Minichunks Small Kibble High Protein Dry Dog Food 

These kibbles are smaller in size and are made with real chicken as their main ingredient. This recipe has no fillers, additives, or artificial flavors. To keep your dog healthy, this recipe includes folic acid and important vitamins. Additionally, it contains vital nutrients like Omega 3 fatty acids, which support a healthy skin coat. This formula contains corn, which many paw owners strive to avoid. While corn isn’t the worst grain you can serve your dog, this food does contain a lot of it, as well as artificial colors and animal by-products.


  • Affordable
  • Real chicken is the primary ingredient
  • Rich in amino acids and fatty acids
  • Calcium for healthy bones and body function


  • Contains artificial colors
  • Contains lots of corn

Ingredient Analysis

·        Great Ingredients: Chicken, Ground Whole Grain Corn, Ground Whole Grain Sorghum, Chicken By-Product Meal, Dried Plain Beet Pulp, Flaxseed, Vitamins Minerals, Carrot, Rosemary Extract

·        Not-so-Great Ingredients: Chicken by-product meal, chicken fat

2. AMS Proactive Health Puppy Chicken Dry Dog Food, All Breed Sizes

This IAMS puppy food is appropriate for all breed sizes and has been formulated to meet your dog’s unique nutritional demands and promote overall wellness. Its first ingredient is chicken, a fantastic source of protein that aids in building strong muscles. This tasty food is loaded with antioxidants to support the development of a robust immune system and is vet recommended. It contains omega-3 DHA to promote healthy cognition.

Unfortunately, this recipe uses fillers and byproducts. Following the consumption of this diet, some puppies had digestive problems.


  • Chicken is the first ingredient
  • Omega-3 for cognitive development
  • Affordable
  • Formulated to cater to your puppy’s growing needs


  • Causes stomach upset for some puppies

Ingredient Analysis

Great Ingredients:  Chicken, Ground Whole Grain Corn, Ground Whole Grain Sorghum, Dried Plain Beet Pulp, Carrot, Minerals, and Rosemary Extract

Not So Great Ingredients: Chicken By-Product Meal Chicken Fat, Fish Oil (can cause allergic reactions)

3. IAMS Healthy Aging Adult Dry Dog Food for Mature and Senior Dogs

This dry kibble formula is designed specifically for older dogs and large-breed dogs. However, the first ingredient is still farm-raised chicken. It contains the standard senior diet supplementation, such as fiber and prebiotics for digestion, antioxidants to support the immune system, glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health, and other nutrients to burn fat and keep the metabolism going.

The food is available in regular and large breed formulae and has no artificial preservatives, flavors, or fillers.


  • Farm-raised chicken for protein
  • Contains prebiotics
  • Contains antioxidants
  • Improves immune strength


Chicken by-product meal

Ingredient Analysis

Great Ingredients: Chicken, ground whole grain barley, ground whole grain corn, ground whole grains sorghum, brewers yeast, dried egg product, carrots, marine microalgae, beta-carotene, vitamins, and minerals

Not-so-Great Ingredients: Chicken by-product meal, chicken fat

4. IAMS Adult Healthy Weight Control Dry Dog Food

This adult dog food is made with tasty real farm-raised chicken and contains 17% less fat than the IAMS Minichunks formula to aid with weight management.

It provides a personalized blend of healthful fibers and natural prebiotics for healthy digestion and promotes a healthy metabolism with L-carnitine. This formula also contains brewer’s yeast, which aids in the effective removal of toxins from your dog’s digestive tract.

Unfortunately, when it comes to good weight control, your dog will only benefit from lesser calories. This food contains chicken as the principal ingredient, but it also contains a lot of grains, which may cause weight gain if eaten incorrectly.


  • Low-fat formula for healthy weight control
  • Contains carrots and flaxseed
  • L-carnitine supports a healthy metabolism
  • With vitamins and mineral supplements


  • Contains potential allergens

Ingredient Analysis

Great Ingredients: Chicken, ground whole grain barley, ground whole grain corn, ground whole grains sorghum, carrots, beet pulp, brewers yeast, L-carnitine, DL-methionine, dried egg product, fructooligosaccharides, rosemary extract, vitamins, and minerals

Not-so-Great Ingredients: Chicken by-product meal


IAMS classic ground wet dog food is a nutritious meal made with chicken as the first ingredient, which provides high-quality protein that aids in the maintenance of lean muscles. 

Chicken is naturally high in the 10 necessary amino acids needed by dogs to thrive.

It contains omega fatty acids, which support healthy skin and a soft coat. 

Made with hearty natural ingredients and slow simmering in real broth for flavor dogs love. It can be served as a whole meal or as a topping for dry food.

Unfortunately, this meal has artificial coloring to make it more appealing to dogs (which I believe is unnecessary), as well as the controversial ingredient carrageenan (a gelatin-like thickening agent made from seaweed).


  •   It contains omega fatty acids that promote healthy skin and coat.
  •   It contains vitamins and minerals to support the immune system.
  •  Tasty
  • Chicken is the first ingredient
  • Good for picky eaters


Containscarrageenan and artificial colors. 

Ingredient Analysis

Great Ingredients: Chicken, Brown Rice, Barley, Oatmeal Feeding, Flax Seed, Minerals And Vitamins

Not-so-Great Ingredients: Meat By-Products, Chicken By-Products, Carrageenan  

6. IAMS Advanced Health Adult Healthy Digestion Dry Dog Food

All breeds of dogs can benefit from the digestive health benefits of this diet recipe. Real chicken is the first ingredient, just like in the other recipes on the list. Additionally, it includes whole grains, which are a great source of fiber and other minerals. This fiber, which serves to regulate the digestive tract, along with prebiotics and guaranteed live probiotics, may enhance your dog’s digestive health. Additionally, Iams has added antioxidants to assist strengthen your dog’s immune system and an ideal ratio of omega fatty acids to promote the health of your dog’s skin and coat.

 Some dogs developed stomach upsets after eating this food.


  • Prebiotics and guaranteed live probiotics may improve digestive health.
  • Contains antioxidants
  • Omega fatty acids for healthy coat and skin
  • Suitable for all breed sizes


  • Potential allergens

Ingredient Analysis

Great Ingredients: Chicken, ground whole grain corn, ground whole grain sorghum, ground whole grain barley, carrots, dried plain beet pulp, flaxseeds, dried egg product, DL-methionine, vitamins, and minerals

Not-so-Great Ingredients: Preservatives and chicken by-products

7. IAMS Adult High Protein Large Breed Dry Dog Food 

IAMS Adult Large Breed Dry Dog Food with Real Chicken is made to maintain bone and joint health while supporting large breed active canines. Additionally, these pieces are substantial enough to aid large breed dogs in cleaning their teeth. It has a carefully crafted combination of beneficial fibers and prebiotics to support healthy immunity and digestion. This formula contains beneficial grains. Be careful when adding grains to your best friend’s diet because large-breed dogs who are prone to weight gain shouldn’t consume a lot of them.


  • Chicken is the primary ingredient
  • Aids in dental Health
  • High in fiber


  • Grains can cause weight gain if taken in excess.

Ingredient Analysis

Great Ingredients: Chicken, Ground Whole Grain Barley, Ground Whole Grain Corn, Ground Whole Grain Sorghum, Dried Plain Beet Pulp, Dried Egg Product, Carrot, Flaxseed, Minerals Citric Acid, Rosemary Extract

Not-so-Great ingredients: Chicken By-Product Meal, Poultry Fat

IAMS Dog Food Recalls

IAMS has had several recalls since 2007.

08/2013: Recall of 28 products due to salmonella contamination.

03/2013: Recall due to suspected mold growth.

12/2011: FDA recall due to aflatoxin levels that exceeded allowable limits.

06-07-08/2010: FDA recalls cat food due to probable salmonella and inadequate thiamine levels.

03/2007: Recall of 43 products due to possible melamine contamination.

03/2001: A consumer class-action complaint was launched against IAMS (and Eukanuba), stating that these feeds contributed to dogs losing weight.

What Other Customers Said about IAMS dog Food


  • Best food for picky eaters.
  • Helped improve the coat of their dogs
  • Keeps the poops well-formed and not voluminous
  • Best for dogs with digestive problems
  • No more allergy issues!


  • Change in formulas
  • Caused stomach upsets
  • A customer complained the food was moldy
  • Some dogs refused to eat the food

Is IAMS A Good Dog Food?

Yes, IAMS Dog Food is an excellent choice for dogs. IAMS dog food recognizes that each dog is unique and has unique protein requirements. They recognize these distinctions and provide a wide choice of quality recipes that are suited to the dogs’ specific or unique needs.

What We Love About IAMS Dog Food

Modified Nutrition for Dogs of Different Ages and Sizes

IAMS is a pet nutrition company that caters to dogs of all ages and sizes. You will receive dog foods that are specifically made for pups, adults, and seniors. The most significant advantage of age-based dog food is that it addresses all aspects of dog nutrition as they progress through their life stages.

High-quality protein

As previously stated, two of the key ingredients of IAMS Foods are chicken and salmon. These two are high in high-quality protein, which is necessary for both physical and mental wellness.  

Contains Super Antioxidants

One of the most crucial components that should be included in the dog’s diet is antioxidants. They aid in neutralizing free radicals already in the body and securely expelling them from the canine’s system. Additionally, antioxidants assist dogs have better cognitive function and stronger allergy tolerance.

Two of the most significant antioxidants found in IAMS dog foods are vitamin E and vitamin C. These two components help dogs heal wounds more quickly and strengthen their immune systems.


IAMS labels all of the components that go into making their recipe in a balanced approach that gives complete nutrition. It also contains animal protein, and only high-quality meats are used. When compared to other brands delivering the same diet, IAMS is a more cost-effective option.

What We Don’t Like About IAMS Dog Food

Unnamed Animal Ingredients

Although IAMS identifies the main ingredients, there are still other animal ingredients whose sources are unidentified.

Unidentified animal ingredients are another sign of poor quality. Several recipes call for fish oil, which can be prepared from any kind of fish. Unnamed animal components are frequently a low-cost, low-quality ingredient derived from rendered waste of numerous proteins.


Colors, such as iron oxide, caramel, and titanium dioxide, are pigments that are added to foods to make them more appealing to consumers. They are often used to conceal the grey color of rendered substances and have been connected to health problems.


If you’re looking for affordable, high-quality dog food that has been thoroughly tested for food quality and safety, this is a brand to look into! IAMS dog food demonstrates that it is a reputable dog food firm that has been making animal food for over 50 years.

While some of their ingredient choices are questionable, their meal is still an excellent alternative, especially for those on a budget.

With this kind of reputation, you can be confident that the substances and formulae utilized are safe for your best buddy!

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