How Much Do Pugs Cost

Pugs are cute, easygoing, ready to please, and good with kids. They require moderate exercise and can fit in an apartment or home lifestyle. These qualities make them be on very high demand, making them expensive.

Their small bodies make it cheaper to own them compared to large breeds. However, this should not make you fail to budget for their initial and lifetime cost, as it can lead to financial constraints in the future.

In this article, I will break down the lifetime cost of owning a pug so you can be prepared before you take him home.

How Much Do Pugs Cost

Breeders Puppy Price

A Pug puppy from a reputable breeder will cost around $1500-$2500. It would help if you researched to avoid buying a puppy from uncertified breeders who will sell them at low prices. You should ask for proof of licensing and know you have the right to ask all the questions about the puppy you intend to buy.

A good breeder will have the parents’ history, which will help determine the puppy’s temperament.

Adoption Price

 Adopting a pug from shelters will cost around $50-%500. This is the best option if you do not have money to buy from a certified breeder than buying from a backstreet breeder. 

The main problem with adoption is that it is hard to find a pure breed or a puppy. Most dogs are mixes and seniors.

Factors Affecting The Price Of Pug Puppies

The price of a pug can vary because of factors like;


Pug puppies are in high demand, and they cost more than seniors. Senior pugs are mostly found in shelters. People prefer to buy puppies because they are easily trainable and easy to bond with.

  How Much Is A Pug Puppy Price vs. Adult

How Much Is A Pug Puppy Price vs. Adult
Puppy$800 to $3,000$1,150
Adult$200 to $400$350

 Breeder’s Reputation and Experience

A certified breeder with a good reputation will charge more for his puppies than a backyard breeder. They incur high health screening and vet care costs before the puppy is bought.

On the other hand, backstreet breeders’ puppies are not healthy and are mostly bought from mills at lower prices. Their puppies end up costing you a lot in the future.

Coat Color

The AKC recognizes fawn or black pugs. This makes pugs with these colors expensive as they are standard breeds. However, many people prefer fawn Pugs to black ones, which makes black Pugs the least expensive.  

  Pug Puppy Price By Color

Black$500 to $800
Brindle$1,000 to $2,000
Fawn$1,200 to $1,800
Blue$2,000 to $3,500


Some rare colors are chocolate, silver, merle, white, apricot, and brindle. Some of these colors are hard to breed, making them expensive.


If the puppy you intend to buy is from a champion lineage, you will have to pay more. These puppies are mostly bought by people who want a show breed.

Championship lineage puppies can cost around $3000.

Why Are Pugs So Expensive?

Pugs are expensive owing to their small litter sizes. In most cases, C-Section is required when giving birth, and they are in high demand.

A pug litter normally has 4 to 6 puppies. Pugs are prone to health problems, and the delivery process can be complicated. Due to the C-section, a mother can have problems after delivery. Vet care, quality food the overall care required by a pug are expensive.

Long-Term Cost Of Owning A Pug


You should buy supplies for your dog and prepare him for a comfortable place before taking him home. These supplies are; crates, toothbrushes, combs, leash, beddings, water, food bowls, pee training pads, poop bags, scoopers, nail clippers, id tags, collars, and toys.

These supplies will cost you around $200-$700 in the first year. However, the cost will decrease in the following years to around $150 per year.

Food Cost

Pugs are a small breed, and they will consume less food. A full-grown Pug weighs between 14-18 pounds and can consume an average of 42 Kg of food per year. 

The food can cost between $80-$150 per year, depending on the quality of the food. Ensure you read the nutrition table on the package to know if it is the right food for your dog. Also, remember to feed your Pug the right food for his age.

Medical Cost

The vet bills in the first year will be higher than in the following years. You will be needed to take your dog for vaccination, spay/neuter (optional), and deworming.

Regardless of whether your dog is sick, taking him for a medical checkup is crucial. The average cost of medical care is between $250-$800 per year.

Pugs are brachycephalic breeds. This means he can have difficulty breathing when over-exercised or in high temperatures.

Pugs are prone to diseases like eye and ear infections, Legg-Calvé-Perthes Disease, seizures, and hip and joint problems.

Some diseases are expensive to treat hence the need for insurance cover, which can cost from $500-$1500 per year.


Pugs are shorthaired and require very minimal maintenance. You can groom him at home or take him to a professional groomer occasionally, which will cost you around $50-$200 annually.


Training will allow your Pug to relate well will other pets and people. The training fee will differ from one trainer to the other, but it will cost $100-$200 per one-hour session. Many dogs undergo basic training for three months but vary from one dog to the other. 


Depending on the State you reside in, you will be required to have a license for your dog. The license fee is around $10-$20 but will increase if your dog is not spayed /neutered.


The initial cost of owning a Pug is determined by where you get him from. Pug puppies from breeders are more expensive than from rescues. By all means, avoid buying your puppy from puppy mills. 

The first year of owning a puppy is expensive compared to the following years. Remember to set aside emergency medical funds, boarding, and walking funds.

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