Can Trazodone Kill A Dog?

Can Trazodone Kill A Dog

Trazodone is an antidepressant that is regularly prescribed to people and dogs. Dogs can have phobias, anxiety, or depression, affecting their well-being. However, these conditions can be treated using Trazodone. But, you must know the side effects of taking Trazodone and, most importantly, whether it can kill your dog before administering it. Can Trazodone Kill … Read more

Did My Dog Know He Was Being Put To Sleep?

 Did My Dog Know He Was Being Put To Sleep?

Putting a dog to death is a very tough and heart-wrenching decision for every dog owner. Even though owners do so in the best interest of their dogs, it is stressful not knowing how our dogs feel during the process. At least dog owners understand that the euthanization process is not painful, but they still … Read more

My Dog Jumped After Being Spayed – Should You Worry?

 My Dog Jumped After Being Spayed

Spaying or neutering is an important procedure for dogs’ health and helps to prevent unwanted breeding. However, it takes time for your dog to heal from the surgery. Many dog owners are concerned about when they should take the cone off or signs of infection after neuter. So, now your dog jumped after neuter, is it disastrous, and … Read more

What Kills Ticks On Dogs Instantly?

What Kills Ticks On Dogs Instantly

Ticks are a nuisance to dogs, and they lead to health problems and irritation to them. Also, removing ticks on your dog every now and then is nauseating. Killing them physically after removing them from your dog and squashing them is also appalling since they are full of blood. So, what kills ticks on dogs … Read more

Benadryl Killed My Dog – Plus 7 Alternatives

Benadryl Killed My Dog

As a dog parent, I can empathize with you and am very sorry for your loss. However, it would help if you learned how and why Benadryl killed your dog to prevent similar occurrences in the future. Maybe you gave your dog the right amount prescribed by the vet or on the leaflet, but what … Read more

How To Clean A Dog’s Mouth: 5 Top Techniques

How to Clean a Dog’s Mouth

Healthy and clean teeth are just as important for dogs as for people. Once your dog’s oral hygiene is poor, it might develop into serious fatal conditions like liver, kidney, and heart muscle damage. Study shows that 80% of dogs have signs of canine periodontal disease. You can make oral care a regular grooming routine … Read more

Why Do Dogs Cry In Their Sleep?

Why do dogs cry in their sleep?

If you have spent time with a dog, this is not a new scene; seeing your dog begin crying and whimpering suddenly while deep in his sleep. This behavior should not freak you out, especially if you are a first-time dog owner. It is common for many dogs to cry in their sleep. Most likely, … Read more

Signs Of Infection After Neutering Dog

Neutering or spaying is crucial if you do not intend to breed your dog. It helps prevent accidental breeding, which leads to shelter overcrowding, and helps calm a hyper dog. Because neutering/spay is a complex procedure that involves surgery, the paw parent must take extra care of the dog, like using a cone and locking … Read more

When Is Dog Diarrhea An Emergency

When Is Dog Diarrhea An Emergency

Diarrhea is common in dogs. Every paw parent has dealt with it at some point in life, and many tend to dismiss it as no big deal. Diarrhea can be explained as loose feces that typically occur in large amounts or more frequently. Mostly it can be caused by minor intestinal distress when your Fido … Read more