Is My Chihuahua Too Skinny?-5 Reasons

Is My Chihuahua Too Skinny

 Chihuahuas are among the tiniest dogs in existence. Just because they are small doesn’t mean they have to be thin. The most heard issues with Chihuahuas are about them being overweight. But, how can you tell if your Chihuahua is very skinny and what can you do about it? You can know whether your Chihuahua … Read more

 Why Do Pomeranians Eyes Water -5 Reasons

 Why Do Pomeranians Eyes Water

Just like in humans, tears play an important role in keeping off dust and other fine debris from the eyes. The production of basal tears gives the eyes a bright shiny look that indicates good health. If the tears are overproduced the eyes will look watery which should be a concern to any paw parent. … Read more

Can You Feed Puppy Food To Older Dogs?

Can You Feed Puppy Food To Older Dogs

There are many questions that dog owners ask themselves when bringing up their dogs like how long should a dog swim for a good workout? And most importantly what should I feed my dog to ensure he is healthy. When it comes to a dog’s nutrition, there is a lot of food in the stores and one … Read more