How Much Is An Australian Labradoodle

Designer dogs are increasing day by day and you might want to get yourself one. Though it’s a good idea to own a new breed, it is not wise to own him before you fully understand him from cost, temperament, appearance, health, grooming, and more.

How Much Is An Australian Labradoodle

An Australian Labradoodle puppy will cost from $2500- $3000, the price can be higher depending on the lineage, and location of the breeder which can make them as expensive as $4000. You can get an Australian labradoodle from a rescue center or a shelter for a lower price.

History of the Australian Labradoodles

These breeds did not originate in Australia as the name can make many think so, they originate from down under. They were bred to assist the visually impaired people who are allergic to dogs’ fur.

In the world of dogs, the Australian Labradoodle has only been around for a little over 40 years. As a result, he is classified as a hybrid of several different breeds rather than a purebred puppy.

Australian Labradoodle Appearance

  • Size

The size of Australian Labradoodles varies from one dog to the other. They can weigh from 14-24 inches in tallness and 15-65 pounds weight.

Australian Labradoodles have three different sizes:

Miniature: 14-16 shoulder length and 15-25 pounds weight.

Medium: 17-20 shoulder length and 35-45 pounds weight.

Standard: 21-24 shp0older length and 50-65 pounds weight.

  • Coat and Color

As with the sizes, Labradoodles have different colors on their coats. Australian Labradoodles are available in a variety of brown colors, ranging from almost-white caramel ice to rich chocolate brown.

Their coats can have colors: Caramel Ice, Caramel Cream, Caramel, Caramel Red, Red, Gold, Apricot, Cream, Chalk, Chocolate, Café, Lavender, Parchment, Black, Blue, and Silver, as well as Tricolor. Chocolate is the common color in Australian Labradoodles.

The texture of their coats can either be woolly or fleece. The coat is single and it is also non-shedding making it suitable for people who do not like furs in their homes and who are allergic to it.

Merle is also a color that is found in Australian Labradoodles but it is not acceptable by reputable breeders. However, some breeders might deceive you that the Merle color is a rare breed and charge you more. This color cannot be registered by the ALAA and can also be prone to pigmentation disorders.


Australian Labradoodle is wise, calm, loving, and joyful. They are funny dogs and entertain their owners with their antics. They like kids and they get along even with small kids making them great family dogs.

They are affectionate dogs who will easily read your emotions, if you are feeling sad, he will be by your side and whenever you are in good mood he will place a ball or any toy in front of you as a sign he wants to play. This character makes it a good therapy dog.

Australian Labradoodles are friendly to strangers and they greet them with a wagging tail making them unsuitable for guard dogs.

Because of their sociability, they are not to be left alone for long hours in a crate, also the position of the crate should be considered because if it is placed in a secluded area, he can get stressed. 

Exercise Requirements and Living Conditions

How much exercise an Australian Labradoodle will be given depends on his size and weight. The exercise time can range from 30 to 60 minutes. They like swimming and going for long walks. Read in how much exercise is too much to avoid over-exercising your Australian Labradoodle.

Even if you own a miniature Australian Labradoodle, you should not ignore his exercise needs because he can develop unwanted behaviors like aggression, whining, barking, and more.

A small Australian Labradoodle is suitable for apartment living but a medium or large size will require a home with a backyard.

They are good with kids of all sizes and you do not have to supervise them. They also get along with other pets in the home making them the best family dog.


Australian Labradoodle is a healthy breed that can have a lifespan of up to 15 years. They are prone to ear infections due to the growth of hairs in the ear canals. Take them to your vet regularly to have their ears checked.

They are prone to exercise-induced seizures which are inherited from their Labrador Retriever parents. They get weak while exercising which leads to collapse, you should be keen when exercising so that you can notice any sign of fatigue so you can immediately stop.

Hip and elbow Dysplasia and epilepsy are also some of the health issues that affect Australian Labradoodles.  


Regardless of the length and texture of your Australian Labradoodle coat, brushing regularly is advised to prevent the formation of mats. Due to the single coat and non-shedding nature, they are easy to groom.

The coat should be trimmed at times to keep him in good shape. Note that if the hairs are not trimmed around the eyes and ears, it can lead to infections.

Clean their ears using a cleaning solution prescribed by your vet, trim the nails regularly, and brush their teeth to prevent dental issues.


Australian Labradoodles are great dogs that are worth every coin. They make great family dogs and therapy dogs.

Before owning an Australian Labradoodle you should consider his size and your living space to know if he is right for you. Also exercising him only daily basis is crucial to his health.

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