How Much Does A Golden Doodle Cost?

Goldendoodles are actual real-life teddy bears. They are widely loved for their curly blonde coats, Playful nature, and loving personalities. This dog breed is hypoallergenic and is the best companion for families.

How much does the golden doodle cost? And how much will you spend to carter for its food, grooming, medical expenses, and everything it will require to keep it healthy and happy? Keep reading this article to find out your total budget.

How Much Does A Golden Doodle Cost?

The price of a golden doodle, whether an adult or puppy, varies depending on where you plan to buy it from, coat color, linage, size, and age.

If you are considering buying a golden doodle (puppy or adult) or adopting one, the cost will range from $250 to about $6000. It will cost you at least $2100 from a reputable breeder.

It is shocking how despite being a crossbreed, the price of owning a golden doodle is insanely high. However, its demand is very high despite the big money you will have to pay to get this crossbreed of a poodle and retriever.

What is the price of a Golden doodle puppy?

A golden doodle puppy costs about 3000 USD to 5000 USD. However, this price can increase if the pup has a multicolor coat or if it is a toy-sized one.

The size of a golden doodle pup is inversely proportional to its cost. Therefore, the sizes usually vary from standard, medium, and finally, mini Goldendoodle. The standard golden doodles are as big as the parent golden retriever.

The highly demanded pup is the mini/micro/toy-size/ teacup-sized golden doodle. But, unfortunately, they are also the most expensive ones.

However, the overall price is not determined by factoring in size only. Neither does it end with the breeder. You will have to account for the daily expenses like food, shelter, care, and maintenance.

The golden doodle puppy is very expensive because the breeders invested time studying the production of a perfect crossbreed. The process of getting this breed is very complicated too.

Which Factors Affect The Cost Of A Golden Doodle Puppy?

You might be wondering why such a small dog cost a fortune. Before getting this cute, friendly dog as your own, it is important to understand why it is expensive.


Golden doodles are a cross breed of two popular purebred dogs; the poodle and golden retriever.

This alone will make every reputable breeder go for higher prices.


Breeders sell the small-sized golden doodles at a higher price because they have to get compensated for the amount they used to breed them. In addition, mini golden doodles develop occasional health issues that require time and effort to care for them.

Coat color and type

A golden doodle can have three types of coats: wavy, curly, or straight. The type of coat depends on the parent dog. The ones with curly and wavy coats are more expensive since they do not shed off.

The most common colors of this mixed breed are white, brown, and cream. Other rare colors like parti will earn extra bucks.


In rural areas, the price of a golden doodle might be lower compared to the cities where the population is high. This is mainly because of rural areas’ lower living standards than urban centers.

Breeder’s reputation

Reputable breeders will always prefer quality over quantity. It will be up to you to decide whether to approach the breeder or go to other cheaper options like puppy mills. The only disadvantage with this cheaper option is that you would have spent a lot more on maintenance costs in the long run. In addition, most puppies from puppy mills and backyard breeders have several health issues.

Cost To Adopt a Golden Doodle from a Rescue

Adopting a golden doodle will be a great option if you are working with a low budget and can’t risk it with other cheaper breeders like puppy mills. On average, you will spend between $200 to $500 on adoption.

All you have to do is visit a local shelter or rescue and walk away with this amazing dog

at a small fee to refund the centers the money used as initial veterinarian fees.

However, it is not guaranteed to find a golden doodle in shelters since this breed rarely gets neglected not unless they are ill or old past their prime. In most cases, the dogs might suffer from hip dysplasia which is very common with adult golden doodles.

The initial cost of golden doodle ownership

The purchase price should be the least of your worries. Once you have bought a golden doodle puppy, there are other initial necessities that demand some cash set aside.

Unlike any other dog, the golden doodle requires food bowls, a bed, grooming kits, toys, medication, and licenses to keep it healthy, safe and happy. With all this accounted for, you will spend up to $2250.

Below is a list of must-buy basic items for your new companion.

Food and treat: Depending on the size and energy levels, a Goldendoodle will require about480 to$100 for a nutritious and high-quality diet.

Feeding bowls: it is advisable to buy food and water bowls made of steel for durability. This way, you will save some coins in the long run. The price of feeding bowls varies with their size. It will cost anything between $10 – $30.

Bed: your pup needs a comfortable bed that will ensure enough rest after a long day of activities and play. A good quality bed can cost around $50 to $200.

Leash and collar: you will require a leash and collar while taking the puppy for walks and training. Go for rust-free leashes and collars that will last longer. It cost utmost $50.

Microchip: it is wise to get your dog microchipped. If it ever gets lost, you can easily track it back. Microchipping is done for less than $60.

Dog license: spend around $20 to get a license for your dog. When your dog is licensed, it gets an identity that tracks back to the owner.

Neutering or spaying: You should spay your golden doodle to protect its health and prevent dangerous complications. The procedure will cost a maximum of $500.

The annual cost of owning a golden doodle

To own a golden doodle, one should be ready to spend thousands of dollars. Yearly, you can spend up to $3740 on the total expenses. For a golden doodle, recurring expenses cannot be avoided, like food, checkups, and grooming costs.

Grooming cost

You will require a professional groomer every 6-8 weeks at an average fee of between $600 -$1000.

Veterinarian cost

In the puppy’s first years, you will often go to the vet for vaccination. As the pup grows, the visits reduce. Annually you will be spending about $400.

High-quality food cost

The approximate price will depend on the size of your dog and the food you choose to offer it. A dog that weighs 50 pounds can be given pre-packaged human-grade fresh food

that cost around $2000.

Final thoughts

Getting a golden doodle is a lifetime financial commitment that will require strategic financial planning, or you will be physically and financially exhausted. Golden doodles are designer dogs that will require high maintenance and great investments.

Chances are, the price of a golden doodle will continue increasing due to its increased popularity and demand. However, a golden doodle will fill your life with so much love, optimism and happiness if you are a dog lover. The cost won’t matter compared to the fulfilling and rewarding experience you will enjoy.

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