Great Dane And Bernese Mountain Dog Mix-Full Guide

Bernese Mountain Dog Great Dane mix is a result of crossbreeding Pure Great Dane and Bernese Mountain dog. These two dogs are loving, like pleasing their owners and enjoying the attention, they also have their differences in that Great Danes are stubborn but Bernese Mountain Dogs are not.

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Great Dane And Bernese Mountain Dog Mix History

This hybrid was purposely bred by breeders in the 1990s, they existed before that but mostly due to accidental breeding. There is not much history about them but their parents can help us understand this mix better.

Great Dane History

The Great Danes are often referred to as the dogs’ Apollo. The Danes are not Danish; rather, they are German. It is estimated that the breed has existed for more than 400 years. German nobility raised mastiff-like dogs to guard country estates and hunt wild boars, and these dogs are the ancestors of Great Danes today. Great Danes served as distinguished estate and carriage guardians in the 18th century. Few other canines could take down a wild boar, therefore they were also well-liked among the upper class for sporting purposes.

In the 1800s, Great Danes that were more resemblant to those we know today were produced. However, the breed is still referred to as Great Dane in English-speaking nations even though the Germans prohibited the name “Great Dane” in 1880 and instead called the breed “Deutsche Dogge,” which translates to “German mastiff.”

Despite their size, these dogs have grown to be very popular among city inhabitants who keep them as family pets to scare away criminals.

They were recognized by AKC in 1887.

Bernese Mountain Dog History

Around the Swiss city of Berne, which bears its name, the Bernese mountain dog first appeared. Their ancestors arrived in the region thousands of years ago, and among other canines, they are descendants of Roman mastiffs. The Berner stands out owing to its longer and silkier coat among the four current species of Swiss mountain dogs.

These dogs were utilized in the 1800s to watch farms, drive animals, and pull big cargo. Due to machines taking over much of their job, the breed’s popularity began to fade near the end of the 1800s.

Early in the 20th century, Berners immigrated to America. And in 1937, the American Kennel Club declared the breed to be standard breed. They currently rank among the most popular dog breeds in the US.

Great Dane And Bernese Mountain Dog Mix Size And Appearance

Great Dane and Bernese Mountain dog mix have a height of 26-32 inches shoulder length and a weight of 120-170 lbs.

They can either have droopy ears or erect ears depending on which parent they inherit from. They will have a strong frame like that of the Great Dane.

Some Great Dane And Bernese Mountain Dog Mix will have a double coat while others will have a single coat. The coat length is medium that shed regularly throughout the year.

Great Dane And Bernese Mountain Dog Mix Temperament

This mix is courageous, sociable, and very devoted. You can expect a Great Dane and Bernese Mountain Dog Mix to have a Bernese Mountain affection towards children and the stubbornness of a Great Dane.

They require socialization as puppies to curb destructive behaviors that can be hard to break in adulthood.

Great Dane and Bernese Mountain Dog mix enjoys attention and will get depressed if left on his own for long.

Great Dane And Bernese Mountain Dog Mix Grooming Requirement

Whether the coat is long or short, you will require to brush it on a daily bases. If the coat is long trimming can also be essential.

Investing in a good vacuum cleaner can help in keeping off hair in your house.

To prevent removing the skin’s natural oils, bathing should only be done every six weeks. Trim the nails, brush his teeth, and clean his ears regularly to keep your dog in good shape.

Great Dane And Bernese Mountain Dog Mix Exercise Needs

This energetic hybrid needs regular exercise to stay in good health. You can exercise him through walks, physical exercises, and playing mental and physical games. They require roughly one and a half hours of exercise per day.

Great Dane And Bernese Mountain Dog mix Training

This hybrid can be easy or hard to train depending on which parent they inherit much from. If he inherits from the Great Dane parent, he can be hard to train but if he inherits much from the Bernese Mountain Dog he can easily be trained.

Great Dane And Bernese Mountain Dog Mix Health

Though Great Dane and Bernese Mountain Dog Mix is a healthy dog, he can have health problems inherited from the parents like:

Hip and elbow dysplasia




Cardiac Issues

Eye problems

Great Dane And Bernese Mountain Dog Mix Puppy Price

Great Dane and Bernese Mountain Dog Mix puppy can cost around $500-$1000 from a reputable breeder.

You can also get these puppies from shelters and rescue homes at a fair price.

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