Why do Chihuahuas cry? 6 Causes And Solutions

Why do Chihuahuas cry?

It is always a great joy to add a Chihuahua to your family, they are known for their protectiveness, and they make great watchdogs. But, it will be a matter of concern if your Chihuahua keeps on crying now and then, especially if it is your first dog. Why Do Chihuahuas Cry? Chihuahuas cry due … Read more

9 Dog Breeds That Don’t Like To Cuddle

Dog Breeds That Don’t Like To Cuddle

After a long working day, we all can’t wait to get home, have a cup of our favorite drink, and cuddle with our furry buddies. However, did you know that some dogs do not enjoy cuddling at all? You must be doubting his loyalty by now and wondering how you will bond with such a … Read more

 Can A Chihuahua Be A Service Dog?

Can A Chihuahua Be A Service Dog?

Chihuahuas are known to be clingy around their owners, loyal and protective. Because of their size, it is easy to carry them around and it has earned them the name ‘purse dogs’. Apart from being a great companion, you might want to know whether they can be service dogs. Can A Chihuahua Be A Service … Read more

Do Pomeranians Make Good Guard Dogs? 

Do Pomeranians Make Good Guard Dogs?

It is important to know the main reason why you want a dog before owning one. If you want a family dog, you must research which breed tolerates kids, or if you want a therapy dog, you must look for a breed with a cool demeanor. In the same way, if you want a guard … Read more

Labrador & Great Pyrenees Mix: Pyrador Breed Guide

Labrador & Great Pyrenees Mix

Pyrador, Lapyrenees, Pyrelab, Labrador & Great Pyrenees Mix, or Labrenees are all awesome names referring to the Lab Great Pyrenees Mix. Designer dogs have been on the rise in the past years with people arguing that they are healthier and have a bigger lifespan than purebreds. Pyrador is a result of crossbreeding pure Labrador retriever … Read more

Can Corgis Swim? The Answer +4 Swimming Tips

Can Corgis Swim?

When you are outdoor having fun in the water, you might be tempted to let your Corgi join you. But, their long tube-like body and short legs can make you wonder whether they can swim or it is a bad idea. Scroll down to know whether corgis can swim and what the precautions to be … Read more

Why Do Chihuahuas Dig 9 Reasons And 5 Tips To Stop It

Why Do Chihuahuas Dig

If you have noticed that your Chihuahua is digging a lot, you must wonder the reason behind it, if it is acceptable and what you can do about it. In this article, you will know why Chihuahuas dig, how to stop it, and a lot more on Chihuahua digging. Why Do Chihuahuas Dig Chihuahuas dig … Read more

Do Pomeranians Like Baths, Truth Unleashed!

Do Pomeranians Like Baths

Pomeranians like cuddling a lot, you might realize that when you are snuggling in the seat there is an awful smell coming from his coat. Before bathing your Pomeranian, you might wonder if he likes baths or not to know how you will handle him. Do Pomeranians Like Baths? Majority of Pomeranians like baths. They’ll … Read more

Why Do Pitbulls Snap?-9 Reasons

Why Do Pitbulls Snap

Pitbulls just like any other dog can snap at one point. It is hard to point out a single reason as to why a Pitbulls snap. it is a scary experience having a Pitbull that you have raised since puppyhood snap at you and it could be wise if you knew the reasons as to … Read more